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Here you can find hundreds of lessons in all levels from A1 to C1 in your target language. In each lesson we track the words you have learned and your hours of listening.


Modern Standard Arabic - A1

Beginner 1 Level — A1

The lessons in this level are designed for absolute beginners and you will find lessons for greetings, numbers, introducing yourself, asking for directions…etc.


Modern Standard Arabic - A2

Beginner 2 Level — A2

This level is for beginners who have a basic understanding of the language. You will find short stories and short articles with audio files where the speakers speak a little slowly to help you build up your vocabulary and be more familiar with the language.


Modern Standard Arabic - B1

Intermediate 1 Level — B1

This level is for people who understand the language but still cannot understand videos or audios where native speakers speak at the normal speed. We help you with challenging texts recorded at a slower speed to make you more familiar with the language.


Modern Standard Arabic - B2

Intermediate 2 Level — B2

If you can already an independent learner, this level is designed to boost your vocabulary because all the lessons in this level are normally for native speakers and recorded at the normal speaking speed.


Modern Standard Arabic - C1

Advanced 1 Level — C1

This level is designed for people who speak the language fluently but want to learn more sophisticated vocabulary and expressions to speak more naturally and to sound like natives.

Video Lessons

Video Lessons

Most of our videos focus on grammar rules that we find difficult to explain in our normal lessons. You can watch the video and start a discussion on our forums if you have any questions.

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